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This Is Not A Dream Thing


Feb, 2023


Stainless steel


Hamsa Chocker
W: 34.90cm
H: 0.70cm
L: 9.20cm

God’s Knot Necklace
W: 5.40cm
H: 1.60cm
L: 19.80cm

Sacred Heart Brooch
W: 5.80cm
H: 0.75cm
L: 8.85cm

Vagina Tika
W: 3.58cm
H: 0.95cm
L: 11.40cm

Pregnant Kaleere
W: 7.55cm
H: 8.84cm
L: 34.60cm

With the development of society, more and more social problems are gradually brought to the attention of the public. In addition to environmental pollution, human rights issues are also topics that need to be concerned about and discussed by the public. As the group organization and spiritual pillar of society, regardless of politics or religion, they have historically been dominated and distributed by men. Today, women around the world still cannot get equal treatment in society, and even their right to have children is threatened. Therefore, feminism is the central theme of the project. By talking about the problems faced by fertility, women are made aware of the risks of pregnancy, so that they can firmly grasp the rights of their own bodies.

Contemporary design is characterized by critical perspectives and open-mindedness, which are integral parts of the design process. To accomplish this, I will use a variety of research methods in order to gather information and build models. This will help me to develop inspirational and innovative designs based on traditional religious objects. The design aims to make contemporary women rethink the meaning of birth and the value of life.

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